Fuck Yeah MLS!

A tumblr deticated to MLS! Join the movement! Help MLS grow!

alright everyone, let’s get our “we hate the new logo” phase out ourselves right now. 


Who we are and where we’re going. Welcome to .


don’t play soccer in sandals. half of my nail on my toe just got torn. there was blood.


The Polder Cup a art project/football tournament that had pitches intersected with canals in the Netherlands. 

Dean Ambrose is reporting that Defoe will stay with TFC

skymimi93 said: why should you? We need more support for the MLS so it can grow as a league. You are helping this.

School just started and I’m trying to get a job.

If I should ever stop posting on this blog,:just know that I’m grateful for every single one of you that follow and that I’m okay.